Monday, September 13, 2010

Putting the starving back in artists

Putting the starving back in artists

Rocco’s Bar- Call for Art submissions

949 SW Oak St.

Portland, OR 97205

Background: Rocco’s Pizza, located on the bustling intersection of SW Burnside and 10th Avenue ,has been frequented by tourists and locals for 14 years and counting. Rocco’s is famous for it’s huge slices of pizza at affordable prices and cheap beer, but also for it’s eclectic, hand-painted interior designs. Well, Rocco’s now has a full-service BAR right next door, serving up the same great pizza and cheap beer, but now with your favorite cocktails! We’re talking the hardest alcohols! But there’s one problem: The walls are barren. Desolate. This is where you come in.

What: Murals painted on the walls, by YOU. Your design. Your artistry. Your name.*No nudity or gore. What would you like to see on the walls of your favorite bar?

Where: Rocco’s Bar. We have three walls to start with right in the center of the bar where everyone will see them, two of them visible from the street. If we like the results, we might expand onto more walls. We have a LOT of wall space.

The dimensions: We highly recommend that you come in to see the walls because one is irregularly shaped, two will have couches that cover the bottom 3 feet, one has a door for a storage space, etc, that you might want to incorporate into your design. Other than that:

Wall 1: 6’9” wide x 7’7” tall

Wall 2. This wall is a corner piece, with a right angle in the middle.

A: is irregularly shaped to include a stairwell railing: 6’4” wide x 7’ 6” tall

B: 6’4” wide x 7’6” tall

Total: 12.5 feet wide x 7.5 feet tall!!

How: Submit a draft of your design to Rocco’s Bar or Rocco’s Pizza during normal business hours and make sure to include your name and phone number. Or email them to:

When: Submissions are due no late than Friday, September 24th at midnight. The most favored design(s) will be chosen on Saturday, September 25th.

The winner: We will supply the paint and you will get free food and beverage while you’re painting and $150, not to mention the years of publicity for your original piece.

Send any questions, comments or concerns to

Monday, August 30, 2010

Home grown stickers

Perhaps you have seen those damn HMS security stickers all over everything... Or maybe you have seen the little Green hart of Oregon sticker made by some guy from the East coast...

From shoe boxes to window sills I can assure you that you will start seeing these -Awesome New St
ickers- everywhere!

Hit us up for FREE HMSticker packages:
Make sure to include your FULL name and mailing address :)

To the Victor go the spoils

When it comes to providing consistent first class customer service and quality there is no exception for the sacrifices that must be made on a personal level. If you take the time to look hard at any successful small business you will see a set of values and honesty hand in hand with smart work ethics that form the element known as self discipline.

The art is in the process. This is evident in any fine dining experience, gourmet food, fine linen, etc. In other words quality over quantity.

This has been the recipe of Hart Mind Soul for over 7 years, so when we find another company who believes in helping others by creating a valuable product we like to share it with our family.

Follow this link to find out about the Vincent Family Cranberry farm, products and amazing success story:

Often times in life you get what you pay for. Believe me this is one product to pick up and put in your shopping cart without even looking at the price. I guarantee it is worth every penny and then some. AND you can rest assured that the profits are going to good people working hard for a good cause...

...and a little more of that will make this world a better place for us all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Button desings and vending updates

Hart Mind Soul buttons are now available in limited designs for a limited time.

and randomly inserted into HMS vending machines throughout Portland.

Collect 'em while you can!

Play to WIN, gift certificates, Hart Mind Soul apparel, match and win, sticker packages and MORE!

At the following locations:

*Rocco's Pizza:
*Cathie's Lingerie:
*SPUN Academy:
*Blitz Pearl:
*Blitz Ladd:

Game on!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

X days for X years

Your dedication to the Portland scene is what puts Oregonians on the map!

SO many landmarks are happening in 2010!
This summer we will be celebrating over ten years of being in the music industry and five years of Spun Academy!
Our expansion into Seattle is launching on August 28th and from there we are considering a handful of high exposure US cities.

The events will run from July 22nd to the 31st at Portland's hottest locations.
We still have room in our schedule to add multiple locations.
Please rely to nominate a venue for our ten day celebration.

Gift bags are being put together for the media, corporate sponsors, promoters, night clubs, venues, and even warehouses.
There is still room in the bags if you are interested in making a donation at any level. i.e. stickers, t-shirts, general swag
Please contact me to partake in DECADE: X Days for X Years.

Call me anytime at 503.533.7007.

Monday, July 12, 2010

FIRE outdoor music festival 2010

FIRE 2010

3 days, 2 nights
Northwest Oregon
This event is for those of age 21 or over

Tickets and further info available @
There are 3 ticket tier levels this year.
Tier 1- $25 "early bird" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sold out.
Tier 2- $30 tickets will be available when tier 1 sells out. They are limited as well.
Tier 3- $35 tickets will be available up until July 26th
Door price is $50.

FIRE Stage:
Featuring house, techno, breaks and daytime downtempo music on quality McCauley Sound (Emerald City)
Worthy- Dirtybird (SF), Christian Martin- Dirtybird (SF), Phutuprimitive- (PDX), Micheal Tello- (SD), Adlib- (SEA), Jak, Deafchild, The Perfect Cyn, Mena, Pipedream, Biosonic, Michael Gabriel, Ryan Walz, Mason Roberts, Jaden, James Steele & Sidestep, Miss Brianna & Bjond, Maximus, Samuel Lawrence, Easy Company, Justin Jeffers, Hot Gravy, DJ Devon, Joel Crane

The INFERNO stage:
Featuring dubstep, drum and bass and glitch on the new Kraken Servo Drive System
Reso- Civil Music, (UK), CRS?- (LA), APX1- (LA), Pressha- (SEA), The Bassist- (PDX), Nikon- (SEA), Headie- (SEA), Jimmy Hoffa- (SEA), Ronin, G.O.T.J, Elementary, Realiez, Mortal Grey, Josh D and Believe, Ragga Knights, Saucy Possum, Subdrive, Jed Black, Aurei, Senseone
The Uplift Stage
Featuring House, Tech house and various music on the Uplift system
Michael Manahan- (SEA), Jason Curtis- (SEA), Mr. Myron- (EUG), Big Daddy Scamp- (EUG), Chad Benz- (EUG), Harlequin- (EUG), Prism- (EUG), Dave Deluxx- (EUG), Andrew Mataus- (EUG), Merchants Of, Levi, Dibi Yosi, Manoj, Alden, El Capitan