Monday, September 13, 2010

Putting the starving back in artists

Putting the starving back in artists

Rocco’s Bar- Call for Art submissions

949 SW Oak St.

Portland, OR 97205

Background: Rocco’s Pizza, located on the bustling intersection of SW Burnside and 10th Avenue ,has been frequented by tourists and locals for 14 years and counting. Rocco’s is famous for it’s huge slices of pizza at affordable prices and cheap beer, but also for it’s eclectic, hand-painted interior designs. Well, Rocco’s now has a full-service BAR right next door, serving up the same great pizza and cheap beer, but now with your favorite cocktails! We’re talking the hardest alcohols! But there’s one problem: The walls are barren. Desolate. This is where you come in.

What: Murals painted on the walls, by YOU. Your design. Your artistry. Your name.*No nudity or gore. What would you like to see on the walls of your favorite bar?

Where: Rocco’s Bar. We have three walls to start with right in the center of the bar where everyone will see them, two of them visible from the street. If we like the results, we might expand onto more walls. We have a LOT of wall space.

The dimensions: We highly recommend that you come in to see the walls because one is irregularly shaped, two will have couches that cover the bottom 3 feet, one has a door for a storage space, etc, that you might want to incorporate into your design. Other than that:

Wall 1: 6’9” wide x 7’7” tall

Wall 2. This wall is a corner piece, with a right angle in the middle.

A: is irregularly shaped to include a stairwell railing: 6’4” wide x 7’ 6” tall

B: 6’4” wide x 7’6” tall

Total: 12.5 feet wide x 7.5 feet tall!!

How: Submit a draft of your design to Rocco’s Bar or Rocco’s Pizza during normal business hours and make sure to include your name and phone number. Or email them to:

When: Submissions are due no late than Friday, September 24th at midnight. The most favored design(s) will be chosen on Saturday, September 25th.

The winner: We will supply the paint and you will get free food and beverage while you’re painting and $150, not to mention the years of publicity for your original piece.

Send any questions, comments or concerns to

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